VOCOlinc SmartBar Wi-Fi Plug – VP5X
VOCOlinc SmartBar Wi-Fi Plug – VP5X
VOCOlinc SmartBar Wi-Fi Plug – VP5X
VOCOlinc SmartBar Wi-Fi Plug – VP5X
VOCOlinc SmartBar Wi-Fi Plug – VP5X
VOCOlinc SmartBar Wi-Fi Plug – VP5X

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VOCOlinc SmartBar Wi-Fi Plug – VP5X

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Voice Control: Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant. Through simply using vocal commands, your choice of voice assistant will switch on/off your connected electrical devices. The status will then instantly sync across all smart home ecosystems.

Durable Quality with Compact Size(1800W): Mini-size smart plug never blocks off the second outlet. Certified by TUV and FCC, it supports electrical devices up to 15A while providing protection and quality assurance for you, your family, and your home.

Multi-function Plugs: Set Schedules or Timers, Group control, Auto-Reboot mode(e.g., recycle your router.), create scenes, and automation settings. It is recommended to use the VOCOlinc app for you to get a better product experience.

Remote Access: Check status, control, set schedules, and more from nearly anywhere with the internet via the VOCOlinc app, an Apple home hub (Apple TV/HomPod) is needed for HomeKit remote control

Tips & Hassle-free Service:

  1. Pairing with a secured 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.
  2. The latest iOS version is recommended for Android, OS 4.3+.
  3. Use the VOCOlinc app to keep your firmware updated.


Multiple Safeguards

Certified by cTUVus and FCC, our plugs are safe to use in your home, with V0 grade fire-resistant materials, overload protection and long lasting reliability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Jason H.
Perfect for HomeKit

Chiming to say that these work perfectly with HomeKit. I use a HomePod mini as a hub and have Nest WiFi mesh routers. These smart plugs work great. I've got four so far in my home and they've yet to disconnect/fail after a full year of constant usage. I'd recommend these if you're looking for a reliable/affordable smart plug to use with HomeKit.

Note that, while you can use these without installing any third-party app, you *do* need to have the VOCOlinc app to update the firmware. Updates don't come by often, but I noticed that you cannot do so via the Apple Home app itself; you'll need VOCOlinc's app from the App Store.

Miguel G.
Small footprint, Easy to install

I've had a few days playing with the VOCOlinc Smart Plug Mini 2 pack. The integration with my HomeKit system was easy within the Apple Home app. Once installed, I opened the Vocolinc app to see what other features are available with the devices. Once I selected the devices, they prompted me to download the latest firmware, which installed fast and without any issue.

The only other feature I can see that the app provides is a timer to turn on or off the device. I will most likely use the smart plugs with HomeKit only and integrate them with my automation and scenes.

I'm currently using them to power lamps in my office. They also work great to automate a Christmas tree when the time comes.

-Easy Setup
-Small footprint you can fit two in one wall outlet
-VOCOlinc updates the firmware frequently, giving me hope that they will patch any security vulnerabilities that arise.
-Works with all popular smart home platforms
-It comes with two devices per pack saving on cost when you need more than one.
-None Yet

Steve Foreman
ove these and buying more, worked great with Apple HomeKit

Love these and buying more, worked great with Apple HomeKit. I am very pleased

VOCOlinc + Homekit

I always wanted to do home automation, but I always thought it was out of reach financially. Well, once I picked up an Apple HomePod, I began to see how simple HomeKit makes things. The integration of these smart outlets is perfect. I followed the instructions, and they synced up perfectly. The only issue I had was not with the outlet, but my phone. During setup, the instructions tell you to connect your device to the 2.4 wifi network at your location, but my phone had disconnected from it, and tried going back to the 5GHz, which is not supported (my guess is because 2.4 offers a better range). Once everything was on the correct network. It was super simple, and now I can access everything with voice command, check on the outlets remotely, OR automate those outlets to come on or off at certain times, or when someone leaves the property. Pretty awesome.

Michael Manthe
Fantastic outlets

The best compliment that you can give for this specific type of device is that it is transparent - and they are. Theyre very easy to set up and add to HomeKit and once theyre set up, they just work! Not only are they rock solid, but theyre quick too. Whether Im controlling it via the Vocolinc app, the Apple Home app or via Siri - they respond very quickly.

To be honest, I was wary at first because of the price difference between these smart plugs and other, comparable ones. But with Amazons return policies I figured I didnt have anything to lose but time. I was so happy when these turned out to be actually better/faster/more reliable than the other ones Ive tried. To be fair, Ive only tried the iHome and Eve smart plugs (aside from these). But both were a lot more expensive and neither worked reliably for me - and they were both slow in my experience.

I have 6 of these smart outlets now. They are extremely handy to have around. I have 3 of them permanently installed on various devices and 3 that act as floaters. Theyre great for holiday decorations. I used them for my Christmas tree, outdoor Christmas lights, glowy-jack-o-lantern-dealies, etc. Theyre also really great for troubleshooting other misbehaving devices. I had a HomeKit video camera that was having serious issues and I plugged it in to one of these smart plugs so I wouldnt have to wrestle with climbing on a step-stool every time I needed to reset the camera (which was A LOT!).

I should also mention how impressed I am with Vocolinc support. Ive had to contact them for a different Vocolinc product and they have been shockingly attentive and helpful. These days good customer support is a crap shoot - so I am really pleased that theyre one of the very good ones. Its actually one of the primary reasons I keep buying their stuff.

So, if it wasnt already obvious - highly recommended!