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PureFlow Smart Air Purifier - VAP1

  • Voice / phone control with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant
  • Full accessibility from anywhere
  • Large LED screen for fast access to air quality, temperature and humidity levels
  • Touch sensitive controls for easy operation
  • LED Air Quality indicator bar changes color depending on the cleanliness of your indoor air
  • Cleans the air more efficiently, with the use of true 3-stage HEPA filters (Class 12)
  • Can be used as part of a custom scene or automation including scheduled on/off times or days of the week

2.4GHz Wi-Fi

Whisper-quiet Night Mode

Kid Lock

Works with HomeKit

Works with Alexa

Works with Google

Smart, Sophisticated, Easy to Use


Ask a Question
  • Do you have plans to bring this device to the EU as well? We do not have something similar, as far as I know. And I really want to have air purifier which I can use with my other Siri devices.

    Hi, the VAP1 had been release EU version, you can buy it from Amazon.de.

  • Can I change the display from °F to °C

    Hi,yes, please kindly touch the °C/°F button to change it

  • How often do you have to replace the filters

    Hi, the filter can be used for 6-12 months depending on your daily working time and envoirment. You can see the filter status via purifier at the botton display panel, there are five vertical lines while new coming and the line will disappear one by one in the using and while the vertical lines becomes red, it means that you need to replace your filter.

  • Where can I buy replacement filters in Canada?

    Hi, you can buy the replacment filters via Bestbuy in Canada.

  • Hello, we are near the end of September do you have a date when I can order this?


    Thanks for your question, however, I am sorry to tell you that the VAP1 purifier will be avialable in US around end of Oct., the restock products just leave our factory and are on the way to US warehouse, It will take a month to ship to Amazon warehouse.

  • Wen are replacement filters coming?


    Thanks for your question, we are sending the filters to US and will be available on Amazon.com early of Oct.

  • When can I order this? I am in Moraga, CA


    Thanks for your message. The restock is arrived at US and waiting for custom clearance and sending to warehouse. We expect it will be avaiable to buy early of Sep.

  • Are the filters replaceable?

    Hi, yes, the filters is replaceable. We will list the filter around early of Oct. by then.

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