[2021 UPGRADED] T Guard Bluetooth Smart Lock (Deadbolt)

  • Upgrade Your Door for More Security and Privacy Protection: T Guard works exclusively with Apple HomeKit, providing end-to-end, non-reusable encryption, and two-way authentication for data between your Apple devices and T Guard. All communication is within HomeKit
  • Lock or Unlock in a variety of ways: Lock and unlock your door by asking Siri, via the Apple Home / VOCOlinc app, or by using the touch keypad. Last but not least, you can always do the same by using the traditional way - a physical backup key in case there is an emergency situation. The 'Auto-lock' feature enables you to choose when to lock the door after the user-defined length of time
  • Assign Temporary Access to Different People: Manage up to 30 users (friends, family members, tenants, dog walker, babysitter, etc.) by assigning a unique passcode (4-8 digits) valid for a customizable frequency and period, or simply turn on 'Administrator only access' to disable all passcodes; track door activities through automatically recorded logs
  • Extended battery life: Industry-leading power-saving technology designed to last 4 to 6 months using high quality 4 x AA Alkaline batteries (e.g. Energizer, Duracell); when you are away from home, turn on 'Away mode' to disable the touch panel in order to further save power
  • Excellent reliability and compatibility: Responsive touch control offers three levels of sensitivity for you to choose from; solid mechanical structure; fits most standard doors: 1 3/8 inch (35mm) to 1 3/4 inch (45mm) thick with 2 1/8 inch (54mm) face borehole; 2 3/8 inch (60mm) and 2 3/4 inch (70mm) backsets
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Bluetooth 4.2

Touch Keypad


Activity Feed

Works with HomeKit

4 x AA Batteries

Securely Smart


Ask a Question
  • Can multiple smart locks be easily rekeyed to share the same physical key?

    Hi, It is using a standard KW cylinder, you can ask your locksmith to rekey it.

  • If I am away from home, can I still let people in or program codes? Or do I have to be close to the lock to do so?

    Hi, yes, you can set passcodes for the lock and others can input the passcodes to unlock the door. you are no need to close the lock while others input the passcodes.

  • is the T-Guard water resistant?

    Hi, sorry, it is not water-proof so we advice it is used indoor.

  • Hello do you know when are you gonna have the T-GUARD BLUETOOTH SMART LOCK available?

    Hello, we are preparing the goods for T-guard and hope to be avaible to buy middle of Jan. 2021. or you can mail to , they will inform you by then while it is available.

  • how do I access the homekit setup code. I pilled off the sticker when I first bought the device. I also don't have the 8 digit code.

    Hi,Please kindly do as following: 
    1. Please reset the device and add it again.
    2. When you add it, you will see the name of the device "VOCOlinc-XXXX(Model name)-XXXXXX  Or Home App=>Add Accessory=> Don’t have a code or can’t scan=>Nearby Accessories=>VOCOlinc-xxxx(Model name)-XXXXXX

    then, please kindly send the device name to, you will get the 8 set up code by then.

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