SmartBar Wi-Fi Plug (Type B) – VP5

  • Automate various electrical devices - Lamps, Kettles, Fans, Coffee Machines and more
  • Voice / phone control with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant
  • Full accessibility from anywhere
  • Can be used as part of a custom scene or automation including scheduled on/off times or days of the week
  • Compact design so your other outlet isn't blocked
  • Auto-reboot mode for power recycling the plug and connected devices
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2.4GHz Wi-Fi

for High Power
Electrical Devices

Group Control

Works with HomeKit

Works with Alexa

Works with Google

Compact Design, Full Control


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  • I bought a wifi plug and I can't get it to work

    Hi, is it the issue that you are unable to add it to your App? 

    Please kindly try to do as below to add it once again:

    Reset the device:

    Please long-press power button for 10 seconds, led will blink which indicates reset completely.

    And then,

    If iOS device such as iPhone or iPad:

    1. If possible, please put the accessory close to your router
    2. Repower your iOS devices iPhone or iPad (iOS 13+) then scan the QR code of device to add it once again. (Wifi should be 2.4Ghz as well)
    3. If failed, please kindly repower your router and have a try again.
    4. If it is still failed, please provide a screen recording to us (how to record the screen on your iPhone  We will tell you the cause of the error and the corresponding solution according to the video you provide


    If Andorid device:

    1. If possible, please put the accessory close to your router.
    2. Add it once again. (Wifi should be 2.4Ghz as well); some of Android device will change to mobile data automatically while switch to Wi-Fi access point, Please kindly turn on Airplane mode then enable WiFi and add the device once again.
    3. If it is still failed, please kindly help to take a screen recording for us to check which steps failed then tell you how to fix it.


    Adding process for Andorid:  Open VOCOlinc App=> Click "+"=> Search accessory  and click "VOCOlinc-XXX(Model)-XXXXXX(last 6 numbers of Mac address)=> then do according instruction


    Moreover, please kindly take note below issues as well:

    1) Ensure that your router use DHCP, our device doesn't support static IP address.

    2) if your router has any Qos or Firewall, please close during configuring.

    3) Ensure that your router use WPA2-personal as the encryption method

    4) Please check if your router has Airtime Fairness and/or WMM turned on? If it is turned on, please turn them off

  • HomeKit seems to be reporting on each of the icons representing VOCOlinc smartplugs that there is an "Update Available". Where do I find the update and how do I deploy it?

    Hi, please kindly update firmware via VOCOlinc App.

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