MistFlow Smart Humidifier - VH1 (EU)

  • Voice / phone control with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant
  • 2.5L water tank with an anti-bacterial layer, adds clean and cool moisture to dry air for areas up to 430 sq. ft.
  • Rainbow-spectrum mood light with customizable colors and light effects
  • Can be used as part of a custom scene or automation including scheduled on/off times or days of the week
  • Up to 30-hour runtime
  • Tip: MistFlow operates very quietly for in its class. However, if you are very sensitive to noise, we suggest placing it at least 10ft (3m) from you whilst sleeping.
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2.4GHz Wi-Fi

Automatic Shut-off

Top-fill design

Works with HomeKit

Works with Alexa

Works with Google

Revitalize Your Zone with Smart Humidity


Ask a Question
  • Hi! I have a VH1 and two questions about it. 1. After running for a few hours, the floor around it gets wet. When I touch the floor with my hand ist really wet. I put it on a plate to see if it just leaks, but the plate was dry and the floor around it still gets wet. We have a wooden floor, so this is a problem. What can be done here? 2. I can't get the firmware update to work. Every time I open the device in the app it tells me to update the firmware, but it always gives me an timeout error. It has a connection - the light switches off and on again at the start. What can I do? Regards Martin

    Hi, for wet issue, if the temperature of your house is low and there is no wind in the house, the mist will become water drop to the surface of top cover and the place surround the humidifier. I advise you can try to open some of the window or change the mist level to lowest to try again.

    And for firwmare update issue, Please connect your phone to your Wi-Fi and open this link: http://devicecloud.vocolinc.com/ota/test.txt [^]

    You should see “If you can read this, your Wi-Fi can access our firmware update server.”. Then we can make sure our cloud can be visited via your ISP.

    And next, we need to check your LAN settings. Please make sure the access to the internet is given to these accessories in your router settings. Make sure they can access the internet and there is no Parent control or white list to the internet.

    Moreover, Please check your router setting, does you router have a function likes firewall to prevent the device to download ".bin" document via internet?

  • When will it be available and what will it cost ?

    Hi, the VH1 EU version will be available on Amazon.de around middle of Dec. , please send mail to support@vocolinc.com while it is available, they will inform you by then.

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