VOCOlinc Filter Set For Vocolinc Pureflow Air Purifier (VAP1)

  • Dimension: 43 X 22 X 4 cm (1/2) = 16.8 x 8.6 x 1.6 in (1/2)
  • Filter Life: UP to 12 MONTHS (based on 6*7 operation)
  • In The Box: 2 separate 3-stage HEPA filters designed exclusively for VOCOLINC PUREFLOW AIR PURIFIER (VAP1)

Voice Control

Get hands free with a simple voice commands and make your life easier. Perfect for times when your hands are full or in a dark room.

Lighting Effect & Multi-colors

Personalize your lighting with customer scenes, providing you desired effect with app control to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Create any mood with 16 million colors. Set your desired colors create different ambience for party, dating, relaxing and other occasions via phone App.

Full Accessibility From Anywhere

Check status, control, set schedules and more from nearly anywhere with internet via an Apple home hub (Apple TV/iPad/HomePod) or the VOCOlinc app